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presents a magic musical journey through time...  

With Artist TIME COMPOSER ! 


We are pleased to  present his opus "FIRST TIME".  This EP  invites you to follow him on his new music journey and  to be carried away by imagination. 


To ensure you a pleasant trip, TIME COMPOSER  has assembled around him some specialists of modern music : The best sound designer elected at the NAMM Awards in 2014 :  KURT ADER has created some unique sounds exclusively for this album.


The official KORG France demonstrator, MICHEL  DEUTSCH  has been involved in the conception of the title "Outsider". ANTOINE CHABERT, consecrated by three Grammy Awards for "Random Access Memory" of DAFT PUNK, made the final step for the mastering.

 The album is available on any download platform, also on CD and also for fans, in only 200 VINYLE EDITIONS !





In the year 2270, following a musical experience, TIME COMPOSER discovered time travel. Thanks to the multicolored magic rays of his Piano-Laser, he teleports to the rhythm of his melodies through time and the various civilizations of History...  

TIME  is a COMPOSER with a strong sense of melody, he do shares his emotions between his piano and his retro-futuristic universe on the Laser Harp. His electro style blends perfectly with the vintage romance of his piano compositions. The artist is also a true showman offering his audience impressive shows with multicolored laser beams vibrating to the rhythms of his melodies.  He embodies a science-fiction musician living in 2270 in a destroyed world. In order to discover the beauties of a vanished world, he uncovers the secret of the gates of time and sets off on a journey as luminous as it is melodious, through history and the centuries. 

 ©Photography Jennifer Reese Cermak 


Sponsored by the KORG brand, TIME frequently travels to the 21 st century to improve its time machine, the Piano Laser "STELLA".

 Follow without further delay our new superhero "TIME COMPOSER" in his incredible musical adventure...


Historia Travel & Events 

Presents you a musical journey with  MV LADY JAZZ ! 


 " Even if MV LADY JAZZ sings beyond styles, her phrasing also shines with a beautiful jazz sensibility. "  Debbie Burke,

author of the book Glissando: A Story of Love, Lust and Jazz.  


 MV LADY  JAZZ invites you to a musical walk on the jazz and bossa continents. From her travels, notably in Brazil and the United States, she has brought back many melodies and a few stories that she likes to share. 


 She returns through time to interpret the most beautiful jazz standards of the last century (Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Antonio Carlos Jobim. As well as the classics of the French repertoire: Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf, " Ray Ventura and her students" Her first single "Emmenez-moi " was released in February 2015/Available on Itunes /.  

© Photography : Loli Maeght