You have dreamed of it, Historia Travel & Events organizes it for you !

It means to choose a unique expertise acquired during twenty years of organization and for a travel designer with a tailor-made workshop. Historia Travel & Events satisfies your desires by offering you original travel ideas.


Historia Travel & Events presents the artist



Our agency also promotes d´artiste in Germany. We are pleased to present Sylvain Bezia, a talented artist by the name of TIME COMPOSER, a musical journey through time.

make it in GErmany

Historia Travel & Events is a specialist in the German market !


We ensure the success of your international approach by supporting you in all stages of your project, from the first contact to the formalization of a cooperation or implementation. Mastering the language and knowing the professional and administrative behaviours specific to Germany, we can carry out many formalities on your behalf and limit the number of participants by offering you a single point of contact, dedicated to your project. We are here to save you valuable time.




Founder and director of the company HISTORIA TRAVEL & EVENTS since 2008. Originally from Paris, she holds a B.T.S. Tourism degree (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) from the Académie de Versailles in Paris and 20 years' experience in the Tourism sector. She has acquired solid experience with many renowned companies such as ADP - Aéroports de Paris, British Midland, Air France, Corsair and Costa Paquet. Anne Duhamel has developed Franco-German professional links through services appreciated by many people involved in German business life. These links now constitute a very important network of contacts in Germany.

references and partners

Historia Travel & Events is the unic partner of Leipzig Tourism and Marketing for the french tourism market. You will find a lot of information about our favorite city were our headquarters are settled and registered.

Anne Duhamel the official correspondent in Saxony of the Souvenir Napoléonien Association. Created by the 27th of december 1937, Souvenir napoléonien Association is the most important european Napoleonian association. It is recognized of a public interest by a ministerial decree of the 5th november 1982. Its main purpose it to promote the institutions, the locations, the people and events which made the history of the First and Second Napoleonian Empire.

Gert Pfeifer is a certified guide and one of the favorite partners of Historia Travel & Events to design historical tours as the history of Saxony during the year 1813.

Goethe made it famous in the entire world with its description in his book: "Faust". Auerbachs Keller receives a lot of international customers.


Our work and the efforts deployed in the elaboration of your projects will been rewarded by your enthusiasm and your satisfaction.

Follow the footsteps of Napoleon 

"… Just a few words in order to thank you for the quality of your services which deeply distinguish themselves from the usual practices in the domain of historical travels. We have noticed with great pleasure your motivation as well as your whole-hearted eagerness to satisfy all the participants …"

Jean-Claude Banc - Historian


"… Back in France we would like to share with you our satisfaction for the trip to Leipzig. The organisation, the wise choice of hotels, the selection of a comfortable coach (and a very nice driver) and the choice of visits as well as the timing have contributed to make this trip a real success. Your competence and your friendliness are in a large part responsible for it! Thank you once more, we will have good memories of this travel …"  Julien Laverdet - Historian


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