Founder of Historia Travel, Anne Duhamel has been running her company since 2007. She holds a Brevet de Technicien Supérieur, a B.T.S Tourisme issued by the Académie de Versailles Paris. She has been active in the tourism sector for over 30 years, gaining considerable experience with a number of well-known companies such as Aéroports de Paris, British Midland, AF, Costa Cruises, and has also worked for a number of associations such as "Les Amis du Louvre" and "Le souvenir Napoléonien".  Anne has built up Franco-German business relationships through services that are appreciated in German business circles. Today, these relationships represent a real portfolio, a very important network of contacts in both countryies Germany and France. Historia Travel & Events is LTM Leipzig Region's official partner for marketing the German destination to French travel agencies. Anne Duhamel is also the official South German representative of Europe's largest Napoleonic association, Le Souvenir Napoleonien.





Your dreamed journey? We can make it real!


Choosing us means taking the advantage of a large contacts network available by Historia Travel & Events, which has been built and managed for many years. Travel with us, and you will appreciate our know-how and experience in order to satisfy your thirst of discovery. We also offer quote as soon as possible, respecting your wishes and your budget. We give as much importance to rapidity as to the quality of our services. Once the proposal has been accepted, our main advantage is to take the time necessary to organize an exceptional trip.


Our destinations


German City or Region Discovery Tour 

  • Berlin, the multifaceted city
  • Leipzig ist fantastic
  • Dresden, the baroque pearl
  • Thuringia and Saxony
  • The Hanseatic Cities
  • Munich, between kitsch and chic
  • Cologne, get me inebriated with your water!
  • Düsseldorf in style

Discover our thematic tours 

  • Treasures of Saxony
  • La Dolce Vita in Leipzig
  • The Leipzig Note Route "In the footsteps of Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Wagner".
  • "In pursuit of the Dresden green biggest world diamond."
  • Munich and the castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria 
  • Following the footsteps of the famous Saxon organ builders

Discover our tours designed to explore a historical theme in more detail.

  • Paris & Napoleon - CUSTOMIZED JOURNEY IN JUNE 2021
  • In the footsteps of Napoleon in Saxony 1813
  • In the footsteps of Napoleon in Jena and Auerstedt 1806
  • In the footsteps of Jerome Bonaparte- King of Westphalia- New journey to North Germany
  • In the footsteps of the myth of Faust
  • In the footsteps of Lucas Cranach 

Our event breaks

  • Christmas markets " Come and revive the magic of Christmas "
  • Cologne Carnival 11-14 November
  • The Oktoberfest in Munich.
  • The J.S. Bach Festival in Leipzig in June every year

Make it in Germany

A mediator specialized in the commercial habits between German and French companies. We ensure the success of your international approach by supporting you in all steps of your project, from the first contact to the finalization of a collaboration or integration. By mastering the language and knowing the technical and administrative conditions in Germany, we can take care of many administrative formalities for you and limit the number of participants by offering you a single partner for your Project. As more we do mediation which is the strategy that's the most empowering for the parties in conflict. 


Choosing Historia Travel & Events means having the choice of a unique expertise acquired during twenty years of Travels organisation.


Historia Travel fulfills your wishes by proposing you original trip ideas. We conceive customized journeys adapted to your wishes and to your own rhythm for visiting. We elaborate, organise and book round trips and do propose all inclusive packages. Working with us is the way to benefit and access to the large business networks contacts of Historia Travel & Events. More than a decade of selection of the most valuable partners. Travelling with us is   taking the advantage of our long experience and know how to ensure you a top level of discovery. At Historia Travel & Events we focus on a top quality of service. Once you agree the costs quote, our main asset is to give all the needed time and attention to elaborate your exceptional trip.


Custom travel for groups or VIP


 CULTURAL JOURNEYS : A Travel Designer with ideas " The Art of being creative".


If you want a travel quote for a particular stay or tour, let us know your wishes and make it with us ! We also check every year special Events for your travel website or your travel catalogue.  Thanks to our ideas, we can create, organize and realize for you  exceptional trips. We are constantly looking for special Events. Do not hesitate any longer, call us for your dream travels.  We will create you the best journeys regarding your wishes.  Check out our group travel offers and plan your trips or weekends with us in Europe. 


BUSINESS TRIP :  Your business group trips Do you want to strengthen your team spirit in your company? 


Or you may wish to organise a discovery trip to a special destination in order to thank your partners and co-workers. This is the perfect mean to enforce your business links and clients fidelity? Keep your employees motivation at the top with a success reward as a special trip. Historia Travel & Events is your expert agency in groups trips from France to Germany and also in the design and customization of high quality events and business dedicated products, services and trips in the whole Germany! Based in a region with a rich history, architectural heritage, strong and living traditions, Historia Travel & Events has all the needed assets to set you diversified versatile itineraries. We will design you original and unforgettable incentive tours.

Your group travels designer

Are you a product manager?


Are you fully dedicated to groups in a travel agency or in a tour operator. You are perhaps a member of a works council, of a local authority, a club, an association? Whatever, you are looking for a high quality trip which will fit your requirements. Historia Travel & Events is the answer to your needs and wishes. Historia Travel & Events organises various stays and elaborates your expected round trips. Our knowledge of the German hotel facilities allows us to look for the best offers of the market. It is based on the rigorous choice or reliable providers of services. Either for a stay linked to international conference, a trade exhibitions, a cultural visit or even a simple short trip. Our trips and offers are all inclusive. We take care of their preparation, organisation and booking as well as their support during administrative procedures.





Historia Travel & Events is LTM - (Leipzig Tourism and Marketing's) partner for the French tourism market marketing. Ask us more information about our favorite city Leipzig. 


Created in 1937, Le Souvenir Napoléonien is the biggest Napoleonic association in Europe, recognized of public utility by Ministerial Decree of 5 November 1982. It aims is to study and make known the institutions, places, events and persons who made the history of the First and Second Empire.




Gert Pfeifer is a certified guide and one of Historia Travel & Events' preferred partners in the conception of historical tours such as Saxony' s history during 1813. 



The restaurant Auerbachs Keller receives many international guests. Goethe made this restaurant "Auerbachs Keller Leipzig" world-famous by describing it in his famous novel "Faust".


And testimonies


Back to France, we would like to share with you our satisfaction concerning the journey to Leipzig. The organization as well as the judicious choice of hotels, a comfortable bus and a very nice driver, the choice of visits and the timing of the visits contributed to make this trip a success.Your competence and friendliness as well as your professionalism have greatly contributed for it! Thank you again we only have unforgettable good memories..." Historian:  Julien-Laverdet


"On the footsteps of Napoleon " Just a quick word to thank you for the quality the services you provide, which is a sharp contrast to what is usually practiced in the historic world. I was very pleased to note your motivation and unfailing commitment so that all participants could find the best for their journey ..."  Historian:  Jean-Claude Banc.