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Takes you on a musical journey through Time with my artist TIME COMPOSER




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Time Composer is a science-fiction musician living in a destroyed world in 2270.


Following a musical experiment, Time Composer discovers time travel. To discover the beauties of a vanished world, he unlocks the secret doors of time. Then, thanks to the multicolored beams of his Piano-Laser, he travels to the rhythm of his melodies, and starts a luminous and melodious journey through the different civilizations of history  and tcenturies.


Time Composer shares his emotions between his piano and his retro-futuristic universe on the Laser Harp. His electro style blends perfectly with the vintage romanticism of his piano compositions. The Artist is also a true showman, offering his audiences impressive performances with multicolored laser beams vibrating to the rhythms of his melodies.


Michael Sean O'Connor


Born in May 1973, Michael Sean O'Connor has always been interested in the Cosmos and in arts in general.


He decided to invest a lot of time trying to understand how to create sounds and make them feel cosmic. In 2007 he decides to use the Korg Electribes for their futuristic capabilities, powerfull sound and flexible live performances.


He becomes a Korg France Electribe Ambassador in 2014 with the Korg Electribe 2, and will showcase these machines at the SynthFestFrance Nantes Festivals from 2016 to 2018. He released his first CD "Chaosthetic Cosmos" in 2015 and a double CD "Interstitium" in 2018.


During this last period he met Time Composer and together they composed the song "Mind Sailor" in 2020, opening new creative possibilities. He is also currently working on new songs with talented sound mixer Olivier Romary.  Mastering sound design is like mastering any art, it takes a life time. The best is yet to come.


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