make it in GErmany

We guaranty your success in your international approach and support you in the whole process of your project. From the first contact to the official signature of a cooperation agreement or the establishment of your company in Germany. We speak fluently German and perfectly know the specific professional and administrative behaviours, the regional complexity and ways of thinking in our country and region. It allows us to complete and accelerate for you all the qualified formalities and to short-list the needed contacts to fasten your new settlement in Europe. Our single windows offer relies in a unique and qualified interlocutor fully dedicated to your project and supported by our business network of local experts. We are here and aware of how to help you. We focus on how to make you save a precious amount of time and how to be make you quickly ready to exploit and gain profits from the German and European business great opportunities.

Knowledge of the market

Our on-site presence for more than a decade allows us to facilitate your establishment process. We book your local trip in the best conditions thanks to our experience in business trips planning. We facilitate your formalities thanks to efficient contacts needed for your success. We support you during the administrative appointments. We also offer professional interpreting and translator services. Moreover, we can adapt us to your specific requirements and design for you specific additional services.

A devoted service

In order to ease your access and first contact with the German market, we have conceived a package of the needed services to be implemented. We can proceed to a preliminary analysis of your project in order to optimise your immersion into the local environment. Our approach also focuses in the inter-cultural aspects. At Historia Travel & Events, our long experience during our previous consulting and travel activities revealed that these differences are too often neglected in the context of an international expansion. They often are the reason of the failure of a new deployment in a foreign country.

Our advantage

Founder and current manager of Historia Travel & Events, Anne Duhamel was able to develop Franco-German professional links thanks to services deeply appreciated by numerous actors of the economic life, who now constitute a large contacts network.